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8"x8" Air Pillows 40 GALLONS 84 qty 5.33 CUBIC FT

84 quantity 8x8 airDEFENDER air pillows

Our Discount Air Pillows airDefender brand is super strong and super light.These pillows are brand new and prefilled with air, and they are ready to use. Each unit ordered ships as 5 large rolls (17 pillows in each package) in 5 separate LDPE plastic bags. Total volume is 40 gallons or 5.33 cubic feet.Your order will contain 84 quantity 8x8 (100mmx200mm) pillows.Pillows are inflated to 2/3 full.Each pillow is perforated and connected together in a strand, so you can tear off exactly how much you need for your packaging.This is the lightest void fill material on the market.Many times lighter than kraft paper or packing peanuts without the mess, and they are reusable.100 pillows weigh approximately 4.8 ounces.